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Our Practice & Core Values

Who we are is an integral part of our mission — our team strives to consistently exceed your personal expectations for what a positive dental experience should be. The Maxicare Dental staff is committed to serving you. From the first call, you will notice a difference at Maxicare Dental. We care about you, your children, your friends and your colleagues; we consider you our extended family. In our office, each patient is treated as an individual, we listen to your concerns and work with you to create a dental health plan that is consistent with your personal goals and values. After all, our clients are considered the core of everything we do and the reason for our practice.

We strive to build lasting relationships with our patients based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding

We genuinely care about our patient’s needs and are committed to treat them as family. We are committed to open and honest communication with each other and with our patients.

We are committed to provide our patients with individualized care that maximizes dental comfort, function, and esthetics.

We believe in delivering the highest quality of care. Therefore, we will continually educate ourselves and our patients.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrit

We believe ultimate success is measured by a balanced lifestyle of: work, recreation, love/family, and worship.

Our Mission

To always exceed our patients’ expectations.


Our Purpose

To promote optimum oral health and build life-long relationships with our patients.

Meet Dr Richardi Niccoli

Principal Dentist / Owner

Dr Richardi Niccoli graduated from Camilo Castelo Branco University in Brazil and spent the first ten years of his career in Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo practicing general dentistry and orthodontics. During this time, Dr Niccoli effectively managed his own private practice for 6 years. In 2006, Dr Niccoli migrated to Australia and faced the biggest challenge of his career to prove his full dental qualification here in Australia. To help him achieve his goal he joined a 10 month “Overseas Trained Dentist’s Program” held at the University of Otago dedicating almost 20 hours a day of studies to successfully pass the rigorous dental board exams which finally allowed him the desired Dental Registration in both Australia and New Zealand. After two and half years working in the public system in North Queensland, Richardi relocated to the sunny Sunshine Coast in 2013 joining the private sector again. Dr Niccoli joined Maxicare Dental, formerly known as Dental Members Warana in January 2015 as an associate dentist and at the end of the year Dr Niccoli became the owner of the practice. Richardi’s primary goal is to make his surgery a family practice where patients can trust and be safe. Dr Niccoli enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and updates himself regularly making dentistry less complicated and achieving better outcomes for all his patients. Dr Niccoli likes explaining treatment plans, answering your questions and addressing any concerns you may have. Away from the practice, he enjoys outdoor activities with his wife, adorable young kids and friends.

Meet Dr Paula Niccoli

Senior Dentist / Owner

Dr Paula Niccoli is Dr Richardi Niccoli’s wife and migrated to Australia in 2006 with him after working 6 years in Brazil as a general practitioner. Dr Paula Niccoli also obtained her dental degree from Camilo Castelo Branco University in Brazil in 2000, where they actually met. She also joined the 10 month “Overseas Trained Dentist’s Program” held at the University of Otago and successfully passed the New Zealand Dental Exam which allowed her to work in New Zealand and Australia. Firstly, she worked for Queensland Health in Bundaberg where she had a wonderful time and in 2013 she moved to the Sunshine Coast and started working in the private section. Paula’s primary goal is to care for her patients in a fun, relaxed and gentle manner with special interest in cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridges and children. Dr Niccoli attends dental conferences and courses regularly to update her dental knowledge. She has two children, Lucas 3 years old and Emily 5 years old. She enjoys spending time with her children and husband and loves her holidays in Brazil with all her family. Dr Niccoli has a wide variety of patients since she also speaks portuguese.

Meet Dr Gus Freitas

Senior Associate Dentist with special interest in Implants

Dr Gus graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science in São Paulo, Brazil. He had his training in all
areas of Prosthodontics and TMJ for an extensive period and is a member of ITI (International
Team for Implantology) since 2005.

Dr Gus has been living in Australia since 2006. In 2017, he graduated in Dental Implantology
from James Cook University, in Cairns. His passion is to share his experiences in Oral
Rehabilitation and Implants around the world.

Dr Gus and Dr Richardi actually met even before they started to study dentistry and together with Dr Paula they happened to all attend the same dental school.

Meet Dr Melika Firouzei

Associate Dentist

Dr. Melika began her journey of dentistry in Iran, where in 2013 she completed her Bachelor’s In dentistry. After working in the dental field for 4 years she picked up her life and moved to Australia in 2017 and qualified as a dentist in Sydney. Dr. Melika really enjoys her work and is dedicated to making her patients feel calm and comfortable while providing pain-free dentistry. She strives to make sure all aspects of the appointment are well explained, the patient has a sound understanding of the treatment options, and is included in the decision making process. Dr. Melika loves to treat children, and uses early education to set up strong foundations for continued oral health in children. Melika is interested in preventative & conservative dentistry, which aims to preserve or retain natural function via dental treatment; she believes that prevention is always better than a cure! Outside of Dentistry Dr. Melika loves to soak in the warmth and beauty of Queensland. She is new to The Sunshine Coast and is enjoying exploring the beaches and waterways. 

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